Cool Hd Wallpapers images

cool hd wallpapers images

Some cool hd wallpapers images:

North Carolina Fall View from Newfound Gap, Great Smoky Mountains Wallpaper
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Image by coloneljohnbritt
The classic view from Newfound Gap is into the Oconoluftee Valley, overlooking the road down into Cherokee. This view is off to the right, almost to the Southwest, across the ridges rather than down the valley. The lighting is more oblique as the sun settles to the right.

Floating Foam Cup on Black Wallpaper HD Desktop
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Image by coloneljohnbritt
I was admiring the pattern in my foam cup – and decided the little foam cells reminded me of the cells in leaves – and would make an interesting subject.

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Rippling Fall Colors in Mingus Creek 16×9 Smoky Mountains Wallpaper
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Image by coloneljohnbritt
Mingus Mill is a popular site on the Cherokee/Oconoluftee side of The Smokies, and the stream that powers it runs through some shady rhododendron growth. However, there was enough of a gap here for the strider-made ripples to reflect the mostly golden over story in a manner that reminds me of the brush strokes of the Impressionists.

Scarlet Paintbrush Wildflower Wallpaper
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Image by coloneljohnbritt
Scarlet Paintbrush Wildflower Wallpaper – although, it turns out this is Harsh Paintbrush (Castillega hispida), distinguished by the hairy upper stem leaves and bracts. (You probably noticed that already.) Merge of two images taken with a Canon SX50 on Hurricane Ridge. (Thus the alpine species.)

The Great Smoky Mountains – Trout Branch Valley below Mount LeConte from Alum Cave Trail 16×10 wallpaper
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Image by coloneljohnbritt
I suppose with a title as long as that one, no further explanation is necessary. 🙂 This is the view looking out over the rocky slope in the previous image in the set “Hike to Mt LeConte via Alum Cave Bluff Trail.” The view is angled back along the trail a little bit, toward the Newfound Gap (which is, perhaps, just barely visible in this picture). The best I can make out from reading is that the Trout Branch is in the valley below – but it was the clouds that day which caught my attention.