Global Warming

Where will we go


“The increase in temperature in the atmosphere or in the Earth’s surface is Global Warming”.
Around half of the month of October is about to get over and still, we can feel the warmth in the climate as that of summers.
“The process of trapping of heat to keep the planet warm enough to sustain life is the greenhouse effect”. The greenhouse gases are Carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. The main cause of increasing global warming is the increasing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that occurs due to the burning of fossil fuels, Use of CFC’s in refrigerators and air-conditioners, production of methane during fossil fuel combustion etc. The other cause of global warming is deforestation which leads to soil erosion and also the influence of human is the dominant cause of increasing warming.

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The effects of global warming are Melting down of glaciers, desertification, rising sea level and encountering of more stronger hurricanes and cyclones.

What we can do is: Adopt plants, for every tree that you cut: plant at least two trees, start segregation of waste: take the blue-green vow, don’t throw and let others throw the waste on streets and roads, use dustbins. When you plan for vacations, rather than throwing waste unnecessarily on roads, keep a bag for it. Because it all starts with you.

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Here goes a rhyme:

Rising earth’s temperature,
Increasing sea pressure.
Conditioners or refrigerators,
Are CFC producers.
More soil erosion ,
Fossil fuel combustion.
Melting mountain glaciers,
These factors will one day lead to tears.
Slow down deforestation and industrialization,
The factors for urbanization.
Want no more tragedies,
Take tragedies as a lesson,
If you don’t want to run.
The heritage sites got many kisses,
Human! Stop your practices.

Getting destroyed day by day,
Earth doesn’t look gay.
Increased carbon dioxide,
and more usage of carbide.
Force us to think,
That world may sink.
~Shivani Badhwar

So many NGO’s, organizations and government are already working on the projects which will definitely not work till each and every individual comes forward and do his or her own part. If we are not going to step ahead now to protect our mother Earth, it will eat us all soon.