All About Google Analytics


what is google analytics?

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google analytics

Google Analytics is free web analytics application that Google offers to help you analyze the traffic on your blog.

Although “internet analytics” sounds like a very small area of your digital presence, in fact the implications of Google Analytics are immense.

That is because the website acts as a portal for all of the internet traffic for most businesses. If you are running some marketing activities such as search ads or social media ads, your users will most likely visit your website during their user path to somewhere.

How is Google Analytics working?

Simply put, Google Analytics adds several lines of tracking code to your website code. The code records the different activities of your users when they visit your website, along with the attributes (e.g. age, gender, interests) of those users. It then sends all this information to the GA (Google Analytics) server once the user has left your website.
Next, Google Analytics aggregates data collected from your website in multiple ways, primarily by four levels:

  • user level (each user action level)
  • session level (each visit individually)
  • page view level (each page visited individually)
  • event level (click button, video view, etc)

why do we need google analytics?

Have you got blog? Have you got static website? If the answer is yes, whether for personal or business use, then you need Google AnalyticsHere are just few of the many questions you can answer about your website using Google Analytics.

How many people are visiting my website?
Where are my friends living?
Do I need a mobile website?
Which websites are sending traffic to my website?
Which marketing tactics are attracting the most traffic to my website?
Which pages are the most common on my website?
How many guests did I turn to leads or customers?
Where did my converting visitors come from and go to my website?
How can I increase the pace of my website?
What blog material do my readers like the most about?

There are many, many additional questions that Google Analytics can address, but these are the most important questions for most website owners. Now let’s take look at how you can get Google Analytics on your website.