latest poonam pandey news | Poonam Pandey invents Yoga poses that you don’t expect ,see do anything for hot newslatest poonam pandey news
This is obviously another attempt by 24-year-old actress who wants to stay in the headlines piggybacking on yoga. So much is her enthusiasm that she even tweeted out a YouTube video link where she demonstrates her skills to tell you how to bend it like …

Watch ‘hot’ Poonam Pandey doing ‘yoga’
The latest to add her two-bits to the ‘Yoga or not to yoga debate’ is Poonam Pandey who uploaded a video of her doing what she claims to be yoga on her YouTube channel. This latest poonam pandey newswas accompanied by a hashtag called #YogaKaroTohPoonamPandeyJaisa.To be fair

Pooja Bhatt’s ‘Cabaret’ and Poonam Pandey’s ‘Helen’ to clash for biopic on the
The market is abuzz with rumours that two films – Helen directed by Ajit R Rajpal and Cabaret directed by Pooja Bhatt, are both biopics on the legendary dancer Helen. Incidentally, both Poonam Pandey (who is the heroine of Helen) and producer Pooja …


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