Prince Harry’s L.A. Life finds a “promenade meaning” has a “promenade meaning” as he recently Shifted to Los Angeles

with his beloved wife Meghan also known as Duchess of Sussex and with his young son Archie Harrison and takes a breath of fresh air.

Prince Harry’s L.A. Life finds a “promenade meaning” prince harry's l.a. life Prince Harry’s L.A. Life finds a “promenade meaning” Prince Harry   s L
Prince Harry’s L.A. Life finds a “promenade meaning”

The couple recently is refusing to carry forward their life in Buckingum palace and take a decision to live their life privately in Los Angels in their private property which is the perfect example of “promenade meaning” for the couple.

As in the wake of COVID-19, their many major projects went on hold.

But this royal couple always finds their way to do charity work. as they step out to feed the poor of Los angels you can follow this know more about it.

Some sources also saw that Prince Harry is finding it very difficult to cope up with his new lifestyle in Los Angels but the very famous magazine US WEEKLY is claiming the opposite and says Prince Harry is living his best life and has “promenade meaning” and enjoying it to the fullest.

Prince Harry’s L.A. Life | The couple also decided to live their life according to their ways and in their own terms and rules to feel the “promenade meaning” in their lives

As a couple recently attended the annual Commonwealth service at Westminster Abbey on commonwealth day with the other members of the royal family along with Queen Elizabeth.

From a past long time, we have been seeing Prince Harry as the most popular member of Royal Family and watched him grown into a fun-loving person but after marrying an American actress Meghan who has a strong opinion of her own and lives her life on her terms a dramatic change is viewing by the public in him.

The couple started making distances from the media and take a big decision of not sharing the pictures of their little son Archie Harrison and keep it a private affair.

They take a decision of moving to private property and creating their own Instagram page and take a decision of living their life on their own terms.

the couple also takes a decision of taking retirement from the royal family to feel the “promenade meaning” in their lives.

Everyone is aware that the royal family has their own rules and norms which every member of the family has to follow from the younger to the older you can follow this article if you want to know about the rules of the royal family.

Princess Harry and Meghan also make a big announcement through their Instagram handle that they are moving to Los Angels from Canada.

Princess Harry stays in contact with his royal family through video call conferences and also wishes the queen Elizabeth on her birthday through a video call.

Couple life in Los Angels has found a “promenade meaning”

A couple is now free from their royal palaces duties they’re excited about what future holds for them.

Now they can celebrate on their terms live and learn any culture.

The couple now wears any type of clothes that they want to and are not imposed to follow royal palace rules like Princess Williams and Kate has to follow.

Now the life of a couple in California is nothing more than a bundle of positivity and happiness. and simple the “promenade meaning” perfect example for everyone.

Announcement of their new venture in eco-tourism field has a “promenade meaning”

The couple recently also makes the announcement of their new venture in eco-tourism field and finds a “promenade meaning” to their lives a full detail is there in this article.

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