Qualcomm Releases Qualcomm list of android firsts says “apple is a copycat” it has copiequalcomm list of android firstsd the  Features from Android. This list Has big Impact of Statement by Apple that Apple is inventor Of all major mobile and Smartphone Technologies.

Since Apple company sets to release probably the most important iPhone in many years, technology manufacturer Qualcomm has come forth with a list that details that most the features that iPhone X has with have been there in Android mobile phones. Apple is geared up to release the iPhone X, the company’s special version iPhone to mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone.

The technologies include organic light emitting diode, fast charging anQual

qualcomm list of android first

Qualcomm list of android first Released by Qualcomm and big Hit on Apple’s claim on always first.

Qualcomm discusses many other functions. It discusses of the multichannel surround sound speakers, available in the top of the range HTC mobile phones, dual-cameras, that have evolved into rather common on the planet of high-class Android mobile phones ( even though the iPhone seven Plus ) also have them. There are features such as water-resistant design, an additional area where Android mobile phones expanded ahead and also features, for example, depth-sensing by means of structured light and also fingerprint detector under the display screen, that are new today in the world of Android.

qualcomm list of android first


qualcomm list of android firsts on Apple’s Iphone 8 Launch
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