Raspberry Pi diy projects best microcontroller board for diy projects
Raspberry pi diy projectsFirst look at our new Raspberry. This is a very tiny computer running Debian Linux and booting from an SD card. It was ordered from RS in the UK and took about 3 Months to arrive because they had a massive manufacturing backlog and high demand on the tiny machine. It uses a USB style power cable, has HDMI, Audio and Composite out. One of the two USB sockets has a wireless mouse controller in it and a CAT5 network cable is plugged in. So far it seems responsive and fast completing basic web browsing. Ideal for home media streaming, low heat, low power and very small. It is basically an ARM mobile phone without the phone.

Raspberry Pi
Raspberry pi diy projectsRaspberry Pi with copper & aluminium heatsinks.



made a nice small speaker box for my wife.she wanted some small speakers she could use to listen to her favourite airplay music around the house/garden.made a nice “handbag-design” for the speakers and fitted a raspberry-pi with wifi and a usb soundcard for better soundRaspberry pi diy projects and the amplifier in it.design was made by me in inkscape.lasered out of 3mm plywood at the fablab nuernberg.
the raspberry pi runs after this






DIY Bokeh! the raspberry way (raspberry pi diy projects)
raspberry pi light tree
I’ve been having a ridiculous amount of fun with this little craft project I read about on it i designed it using raspberry pi last week.

With the profusion of lights in the streets, windows, trees, and shops of Boston, I’m like a kid in a candy shop. But, then again, I’m always like a kid in a candy shop.

Definitely worth a look



Raspberry pi diy projects
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