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In reality Happiness is a choice? can you see

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In reality, Happiness is a choice that we create for ourselves.


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happiness is a choice

It comes from within us. Let’s start with the choices we make throughout our life for ourselves. Right from the food to clothes and people to places, we always choose according to our choices and requirements. Same way how to think in our difficult times? We have the choice to choose Happiness.

Moreover, It’s the clear conscious decision to be optimistic in any kind of situation especially in difficult times. Write down in the capital letters that It’s my life and I have the right to be happy. It means you’ve chosen Happiness over everything. It’ll remind you every time you’ll see it.

Moving ahead towards the mind that how it creates false memories? That never leads you to stay positive and happy. It has been said that your brain works according to you but whenever we listen to some old songs or missing old times, you actually start inviting irrelevant information and memories which actually makes you low and you get started with mood swings and negative thoughts. while you started with low phase thoughts you should have the power to put a full stop so that it’ll trigger your mind with more irrelevant information.



However, it’s not that easy to be as quick as I’ve mentioned in the above statement that put on full stop on your negative thoughts. It only comes with ‘Self-awareness’. If you practice something like ‘Yoga’ or read books related to this. It’ll lead you to have control over your thoughts. Initially, it seems difficult for most people. But ultimately it’s the kind of choice which you select and practice in your daily life.


Although making the choice is done by looking deep into yourself but one little right step in the right direction can also change your whole situation especially in the difficult times when you need it the most.

Similarly, one positive thought in hardships can change the whole situation. As it gives you another perspective of the situation in which our mind is stuck on the situation. It takes steady practice to boost yourself on your own and listening to your inner voice in the chaos of your life.

Furthermore, People spend a heavy amount of money to get ‘Peace of mind’ because it has become quite difficult for the majority of the people in the fast pace of lives. Start choosing different activities that actually make you happy from inside and make you forget the tension.

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In general, activities like dancing, swimming, running, and playing games make you fit and helps you to deal with your anxiety. It keeps the people coping with daily life issues and stress. As after playing games automatically boosts up your mood and helps you to stay calm and positive in most situations.

It’s your choice only to make this habit which includes such activities.


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Practice one life-improving discipline. As personal improvement is one of the most satisfying feelings you’ll ever experience. It actually makes you more confident. Embrace the one act of discipline throughout the day which is quite helpful. This is could be exercising, learning the skill, make your budget.

Likewise, Eating healthy food also transforms your life. Selecting the right diet for yourself it automatically helps to make your body maintain and be fit. The person will be more active and helps them accomplished their goals.

At last, Go and choose your happiness and Be blissful. Happiness is a choice!  I hope you made your choice.

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