This Article is About what is happening in Nit government Engineering colleges and what happen to Engineering students and about engineering colleges in india. Well this is story of each and every Engineering colleges in India if you ask any engineering students he will say its all true it happen in every class of engineering college of any State . Private , Government Category . After world’s Toughest Competitive EXAMS OF higher Secondary Education When Student Join Engineering Colleges this is what happen to them

one of the student writes to Indian government  i am just forwarding a article posted in Facebook  so that it become more public and we put light on about engineering colleges in india .

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The Frustrated Engineer with Rajarshi AT Last

An open letter to Mrs. Smriti Zubin Irani

First of all, thank you so much for visiting our college, NIT Agartala. Very few people have visited our campus over the past few years, and those that do visit just spend their time in the Auditorium before going back.
I am a passout of this institute. I passed out this year itself, so when I saw you visited our campus, I felt it would be my duty to give you the inside view of our college, which you might not have been shown.

BEAUTIFUL OUTSIDE, HOLLOW INDISE-When you enter our campus, you can see big buildings, you see still bigger buildings coming up, and it seems as if everything is going great. BUT THAT’S JUST THE EXTERIOR.
A college constitutes of teachers and students. Students are selected in NITs by JEE-MAINS, an All India competition which decides who are ‘worthy’ enough to enter. BUT THE SAME CANNOT BE SAID ABOUT THE TEACHERS.
LACK OF KNOWLEDGE-With the same professors continuing from the Tripura

Engineering College, I have actually seen faculties whose knowledge is limited to a Rs. 10 classmate notebook, if the lost it(and one of them did), they are lost. The syllabus of engineering is vast, and I can vouch for the fact that we are not taught about 80% of it. Teachers come to class, sometimes very rarely, especially if they are in some top administrative position, and when they do come, most of them narrate from aforementioned copies, or, I guess to elapse time, the write it down in board! Doubts in the classes are rare, probably because with no upgrade or training whatsoever, the professors become so boring that no one bothers to listen the class.

VOCABULARY- With many of the teachers unable to continue a conversation in English, NITA has professors who struggle to express themselves in class, frequently having to refer to notes, and sometimes switching to Hindi, which is sometimes problematic for South Indian people.

ATTENDANCE somehow is a complex issue in our institute, we are legally ADULT people (more than 21 years), we can elect the Prime Minister of our country, but our college authorities feel we can’t decide if we want to attend a class or not. 75% attendance is compulsory, be it a class in which the professor has not uttered a single word, just jotted down something in board, or a lab in which the technician blatantly says that he doesn’t know how to handle the equipment because NO ONE HAS TRAINED HIM! We are asked to while away the precious time in which at least we could hope to innovate something and be creative! If we are daring enough to say that we learn nothing in the class anyway, we will pass the exam by rotating  the Xerox notes, we get direct threats of ‘DEBARRED’ from giving the exam itself, because it’s a great insult to a professor if a student passes his course without attending a single class!

INSTEAD OF ASKING THE STUDENTS WHY THEY DON’T ATTEND CLASSES, OUR AUTHORITIES ARE MORE FOCUSED INTO THRUSTING THE STUDENTS INTO A NON-PRODUCTIVE SYSTEM THAT YIELDS NOTHING! Can you believe they actually give lists of students having attendance shortage and spend times into calculating our percentage instead of updating their 1970s knowledge? No? ME NEITHER!!!

EXAMINATION is a very exponential issue here, students in first year are infinitely tensed with this, and as they approach final year, they get the hang out of it, and their tension (read seriousness) tends to zero. 99% QUESTIONS COME DIRECTLY FROM NOTES, INCLUDING NUMERICALS, who’s VALUES ARE NOT EVEN CHANGED, And SO U CAN JUST MUG THAT UP TOO!!! With the copies of serious students circulating across the whole hostel the day before exam, Xerox copiers make a fortune in Xerox money, because OUR INSTITUTE DOESN’T HAVE EVEN A XEROX COPIER WHERE A STUDENT CAN GET A SINGLE XEROX. There are two examinations-midterm and end term. MID TERM COPIES ARE NOT GIVEN TILL END TERM IN SOME CASES, WHEREAS END TERMS RESULTS ARE ANNOUNCED IN 7 DAYS!!! So, there is authenticity for you. And now it’s got even bigger, they have doubled the marks of midterm and end term, in an effort to…I don’t know, waste more paper maybe? Because as long as the teacher is the same, he won’t cover more syllabus, that’s sure.

EFFICIENT PROFESSORS generally move onto administrative positions, and have no time to teach anymore, whereas those who don’t reach the high position are so frustrated they just don’t care.

FEEDBACK SYSTEM-If you thought the above was a joke, listen to this. We have an ONLINE FEEDBACK SYSTEM and WE FILL IT AFTER EVERY SEMESTER, but I haven’t seen it CHANGE anything, ever!!! The same professor who we gave minimal ratings came back for a course in the very next semester. So, nobody bothers about it.

HOSTEL-As a locality who stayed in hostel, I have very clear ideas about both lifestyles. Hostels are allotted @2 persons in a single room, which effectively means you can’t even get off of your bed the whole day, if it’s a holiday, there is just not enough space! There is scarcity of toilets, because of the double number of people, and it creates a havoc in the morning. I literally spent two years in bed!

ILLOGICAL CONSTRUCTION AND PLANNING-So, they say it’s still in construction stage, then answer me this, why is there not accommodation for students, but we have an INTERNATIONAL GUEST HOUSE that is so big it could probably hold all the students, but which remains empty most of the time, because let’s face it, no one wants to stay that far from city! WE

HOSTELLERS DON’T WALK TO CLASS, WE NEED TO TREK!!! Why? Coz the authorities did not have enough time to build a straight short path to hostel to classroom, so we had to make a route ourselves through the woods, which is uneven, full of trees, and can be both difficult and dangerous for us. During rainy season, it becomes so remote that an accident is inevitable in the coming time. If we follow the main path, it would take us half an hour to reach the class!

NO ROOM FOR STUDENTS, HAVE BUILT KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA!-Yeah, that’s true! We don’t have sufficient hostels, but we are the FIRST NIT TO HAVE A KV IN THE CAMPUS! Bye bye, logic!
SIX floor BUILDINGS, NO LIFTS-We have an ECE building, which has six floors, and amazingly enough; it doesn’t have a single lift!!! We have physically handicapped students having to climb 4-5 floors , after which even normal people struggle to concentrate in a class. We have aged professors who have to take rest for at least 15 minutes before they can even start their lecture!

INTERNET-As Digital India initiator, I think you know how important internet is for us in our daily lives now. Here too, we students are mere spectators while the authorities act all judgmental and condescending. WE ARE NOT ALLOWED INTERNET ACCESS IN HOSTELS DURING CLASS HOURS…because you know, why you are not in class!!! You don’t get to learn anything and it’s a waste of time? BUT 75%!! That is all that matters.

OFFICIALS-Official people are plainly a headache, and nothing else. They are never inspected, and their behavior is both irritating and insulting. With their aristocratic rules like ‘collect documents between 10 to 10:30’ and ‘we can’t accept your application for scholarship, you need to give your Aadhar card, though it’s mentioned nowhere in the form’ they have earned the wrath of many batches of students, but the system remains the same.
I have had some wonderful professors, who really have taught me a lot, but unfortunately their number is very few…I am sure I have missed many things, but I think I covered the important ones. Existing students won’t share my post, because they are scared of the system, but I no longer care. I just hope somehow this letter reaches you.
With renewed hopes,

Yours sincerely,
Rajarshi Bhattacharya
2011-2015 batch
NIT Agartala

Letter written to 

smriti irani hrd minister about engineering colleges in india what happen to student and about engineering colleges in india Smriti Irani HRD MINISTER PTI

Smriti Irani

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Smriti Zubin Irani is an Indian politician and former model, television actress and producer. She is the current Minister of Human Resource Development in the Government of India and a vice-president …Wikipedia

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